Match mæt n (for lighting) allumette f a box of matches une boîte d'allumettes ( sports event ) match m a football match un match de football to win a match gagner un match (tennis) match m game, set and match jeu, set et match.Because of compounding, the longer these funds stay in retirement accounts, the more valuable they become.

11 Both problems can be approximated within factor 2 in polynomial time: simply find an arbitrary maximal matching.When was J added to the alphabet?

In a case-control study, if the controls are chosen because of particular similarities to the people who are in the case group, the cases and controls are said to be matched.A perfect matching can only occur when the graph has an even number of vertices.In cases where one of the maximum matchings is known upfront, 20 the overall runtime of the algorithm is O(VE)displaystyle O(VE).