«Too bad the iPhone cant make use of a Bluetooth GPS receiver (wink, wink Apple!Opera Mini and S60s native browser (which happens to be based on the same core as Safari, coincidentally) do commendable jobs, but the iPhone has taken it to the next level».

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Apple teilen müssen, obwohl Sie, falls Sie das möchten, die Möglichkeit dazu haben. Foto-Übertragung funktioniert aber auch ohne iTunes : Schließen Sie das iPhone einfach mit dem mitgelieferten USB-Kabel

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CBS Interactive en * (November 23, 2016).«Ease of use aside, theres no question that the iPhones build of Safari serves up the most true-to-PC web browsing experience available for a phone today.

«Jet setters and chefs should appreciate the Clock widget, one of the better implementations of a world clock and timer (among other things) weve seen on a phone».«Cook Reveals More Details About Apples Product Naming Policies, And Yes, The S Stands For Siri».«While the iPhones email application, Mail, benefits greatly from the large screen of the device, the actual email support it delivers is sub-par, even by smart phone standards».