The 'cloud' is just a fancy way of saying the Internet.There are two other Photostreams which i got from friends - they are just on the iPad but not on the Mac.How Is Photo Stream Different From iCloud Photo Library?

How To iPad, screenshot 142 142 people found this article helpful.And i cant accept the Photostream from my friends, even if i click on the link in the mail - it just says i should open iCloud and there should be the Photostream.Hi everyone i have an iPad (bought April 2012) and an MacBookPro with Oion.7.5 (bought August 2012).

The next thing is, that i imported a lot of pictures from my MemoryCards - they are all on the Mac, but if i look to the icons it shows me all the time the same picures - if i open the picture than theres.When you delete a photo from iCloud Photo Library, it is deleted from both the device and the iCloud. .Instead of uploading every single photo taken, you can choose which photos to share to these private photo streams.